Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Riley Cook, 2016 Ogden Marathon Winner

A week has gone by since the 2016 Ogden Marathon, but the memories of pelting rain, hurricane force winds and frigid temperatures are still fresh in the minds of the 9,000 runners who braved the conditions of 'Utah's Spring Run-Off.'

The field of elite runners was stacked as the 'who's who' of Utah running toed the starting line with the addition a lone wolf speedster who introduced himself as 'Montana.' Ogden native, Riley Cook, was ready to fend off all challengers and laser focused to do battle with a marathon course that has given him trouble several times in the past. 

In this episode of Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood, we sit down with Riley as he takes us through his history with the Ogden Marathon and his inspiring journey to conquer his hometown race and become the 26.2 mile champion.  As Riley puts it, it's 'fart-licking good!' Yep, you're going to love Riley. 


Brandon LongComment