Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Caitlin Gochnour, Weber County Commission Candidate

Are you aware Weber County’s ‘rainy day’ fund has been depleted?  The next question is obvious…what happens if it rains?  The truth is, now is not the time for   ‘Game of Thrones’ type of political maneuvering currently being played in our county leadership.  As Kym Buttschardt puts it;  ‘we need a fresh, calm and educated voice in our county government. ‘  Caitlin Gochnour is just what Weber County needs, ‘A Fresh Perspective.’ 

Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood is back!  In this episode, we sat down with Caitlin Gochnour, who is running for a seat on the Weber County Commission.  This is a live show at Caitlin’s campaign kickoff at Ogden City’s Union Station.  With about 80 people in attendance, we didn’t go easy on the former Ogden City Councilwomen.  We wanted examples where her collaborative and engaging leadership style resulted in wins.  She gave us a couple of really good examles…did you know, triathletes, it was Caitlin Gochnour who convened all the powers that be and got us a designated open swim area at Pineview Reservoir?  During her eight years on the Ogden City council, working with two administrations, she brought economic development to the city, increasing its tax base.  If it rains in Ogden, there’s a fund.  Caitlin insists; this is the type of analytical thinking and planning that Weber County needs.  What happens if there’s another recession like 2008, but this time there’s not a plan (or a fund) to mitigate it? 

Okay, okay, we’re campaigning right now, but listen for yourself and you decide.  We covered all the hot topics: Ogden Valley water, the North Ogden Library project, flooding out west, population growth, gender balance and TAXES!  It is our hope with this podcast that you’re inspired to get involved and to go out and vote…just vote, baby!  In a county pushing 250,000 residents across 16 cities, it doesn’t make any sense to allow 673 Republican delegates to decide who your Weber County Commissioners are. 

Thank you for listening, it’s good to be back.  For more information on Caitlin’s campaign for Weber County Commission, please visit

To register to vote in the closed Republican Primary on June,28th,  please follow this link:

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