Mr. Goodyear's Neighborhood - Alicia & Camille of Good Company Theater

Camille (left) and Alica (right) Washington - Good Company Theater

Ogden is becoming the Utah hotbed for the arts.  We’re all aware the culture in Ogden supports outdoor adventure, but did you know said culture also supports one heck of a drag show?! 

Sisters Washington, Alicia and Camille, have brought live performing arts to downtown 25th Street with Good Company Theatre.  Good Company Theatre has produced ‘high quality, eclectic theatrical productions’ since 2012.  Alicia is the ‘Flygirl’ and Camille is the ‘Alpha’ sister, but with the support of their Mother, Colleen, who empowered the sisters to take risks, Good Company Theatre has been a dream come true for the Washington Family. 

In this episode on Mr. Goodyear’s Neighborhood, John and Brandon from The Banyan Collective, sat down with Alicia and Camille at their theatre on 25th Street. We drank a few beers together and chatted the sisters up about growing up in a Pentecostal family from Layton,  pursuing college educations on opposite ends of the nation and how they came together to bring The Vagina Monologues to Ogden.  We learned how their Aunt Veronica helped inspire the foundation for Good Company Theatre and how they’re trying to merge the music of Price with Shakespeare.  It’s an interview and a night we won’t soon forget.  In fact, we’ll be back to the theatre next week for that drag show we mentioned earlier…it’s going to get crazy on 2-5 Street next week!

‘Who runs this world?  Girls!’ Beyonce and Eddie are mentioned in this interview and their recent performance together at the Global Citizen Festival in New York.  My bad, they performed ‘Redemption Song’ and not ‘Imagine.’  Here’s the live performance, FYE.

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