Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 256 - Waterfall Canyon

Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 256 - Waterfall Canyon

Includes a trip report up the Ogden Classic, Waterfall Canyon, a boatload of upcoming adventure events, some news stories including beer and bears (not necessarily together), something Worth Reading, something Worth Watching, Discover Gear including new face tape (we do not recommend duct tape for your face) Quote of the Week, and a rad Outdoor Jukebox song reminiscent of Ducky drowning his sorrows at the bar in the classic scene from Pretty in Pink.

Oh, and a-hole wasps buzzed our van throughout the entire podcast. So, there's that. Bring on colder temps so those suckers can take a break for a few months. 



A little Jeff Lowe inspiration as Todd to the Top preps for the show in #TanVan.




“We’re not actually out there humping trees - even though sometimes we will kind of perform that - but it’s more breaking down separations between humans and nature.” - Ecosexuals Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, Outside Online

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OUTDOOR JUKEBOX - “Get Closer” – Life in Film

As John Muir would say, “The Mountains are calling and we must go…”

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