Neil Amonson - GoPro Bomb Squad & Kavu Athlete

Screenshot via KAVU video: Neil Amonson GoPro Bomb Squad - Full Video Below

The man jumps off cliffs and out of airplanes for a living. GoPro Bomb Squad and Kavu athlete Neil Amonson excels at skydiving, wingsuit flying, and paragliding to the point that he's made it a career. 

In this interview, Amonson recalls his first experience jumping out of a military airplane, which jumps are his most memorable, how introspective he becomes when there is a death in the BASE jumping family, and how sponsors and social media play a large roll in making his dreams a reality. 

When Amonson isn't jumping off the end of the world, he is focused on creating inspiration from above with Jump For Joy!

Amonson with Jump for Joy courtesy

Amonson with Jump for Joy courtesy

Thank you Slackwater Pizzeria for hosting, and Goal Zero for powering this podcast!

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