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Todd to the Top and the original Trippy Tressa who is now an ambassador for AndShesDopeToo.


It was a pleasure having badass blogger, community activist, and Mom, Mikaela Platter, back on the podcast. We boasted about how her appearance on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show nearly 5 years ago was the catalyst to all her Indie Ogden Utah success - we're pretty sure anyway, it probably had nothing to do with years of hard work, persistence, late nights, and loads and loads of coffee. 

Indie Ogden Utah has become a welcome resource for the Ogden community and with this year's Indie Ogden Awards right around the corner, the time to vote for your fave biz, artist, non-profit, etc., is now. Help those you support get recognized. Here's the voting link: http://awards.indieogdenutah.com/vote/

As if Indie Ogden wasn't enough to keep Mikaela busy, she's now the publisher of The Ogden Source, "...dedicated to presenting Ogden residents with the information they need to not just live in Ogden but to enjoy Ogden." The second issue of The Ogden Source is now in mailboxes and local establishments around town. Check it out! 

Congrats on your success, Mikaela! 

Caused based apparel company, AndShesDopeToo, first appeared on the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show on our LIVE 200th Episode from the GOAL Foundation. This time, before they sat down with us at Slackwater, Taylor, Jennifer, and ambassadors made an appearance on ABC 4's Good Things Utah. It's safe to say this local brand is garnering some major attention. Currently, ASDT is running a Kickstarter campaign to better fund demand. 

A strength of Taylor and Jennifer is gathering people in local outdoor meet-ups. This morning, they teamed with Ogden Trails Network for what will now be a monthly trail clean-up event. Follow ASDT on their wildly popular Instagram Page, and visit their online store/beta blog to shop clothing items and learn more about their meet-ups.

Matt Bellassai from BuzzFeed has a bunch of questions for people who go skiing, so we thought we’d answer some of them. While drinking a lot of whiskey.**Bourbon-soaked bloopers at the end.**

Posted by SKI Magazine on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

“Snow is not microwave friendly. In fact, snow is not too friendly at all, unless you first buy it a few beers. Then it’s just downright slutty.” 
― Jarod KintzThis Book is Not FOR SALE

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