Tyson Walker - Young Subaru General Manager, Saver of Dogs

Tyson Walker - General Manager, Young Subaru

Supporting local is of utmost priority for Young Subaru in Ogden, Utah. Currently, Young's Share the Love event is donating $250 for each new car sold through January 2nd to a charity of your choice including Ogden Trails Network.

The 4th Annual Young Subaru Pet Adoption event is Saturday, Dec. 19th! Young covers all the "fixin's" per say, and has helped adopt out over 260 animals over the past three year's with this year's goal to adopt out 100 animals. Yes, a puppy with a new car! Bring the kids, because that jolly fellow in red will also make an appearance.

If you've been dreaming of an Outback, now's the time buy as you can save $500 on your new car when you drop the Ogden Outdoor Adventure name! And, as mentioned, Young will donate $250 to Ogden Trails if you choose. 

Come down, hang out and get to know Young Subaru! Use #thinkyoung on your posts to help spread the love. 

Huge thank you to Young Subaru for supporting local media arts and the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show! 

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