Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 224 - Outdoor Retailer Recap & Altra Demo

Cheers from Outdoor Retailer! 

Cheers from Outdoor Retailer! 

We were honored and humbled to prove our stat-worthy podcast prowess by being accepted as "working media" for the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show. For us, it's a big deal. Media must prove through accepted third party means that the applying organization has a large enough following accepting of OR's rigorous standards. So, we would like to thank all our listeners for your support and we're stoked to bring you interviews from the largest gathering of outdoor gear geeks in the US, and probably the best Happy Hour at a trade show on Earth. 

Do yourself a favor and experience the full-meal-deal by listening to the PODCAST in it's entirety above which includes interviews with Osprey, Kavu, Meridian Line, Stanley, and PARA'KITO™, along with our Altra Demo feedback on the Olympus 2.0, and info on the "Catch Me If You Can - Malans Peak Contest" with Striders Running. Make it a priority to visit Striders in Ogden to demo the Altra Olympus 2.0 before the end of January and put your name in the hat for the Catch Me If You Can contest! 

Malans Peak Selfie - Altra Catch Me If You Can Contest

Huge thank you to our guests on the show who braved the #TanVan and gave us awesome, really fun interviews. If you like the brands (and the reps, designers, marketers, athletes who represent those brands) we interviewed before this podcast, you'll love them after this episode.  Break-out interviews below. Scroll to the bottom to see our Outdoor Retailer pics. Cheers!


Rosie Mansfield - Osprey Packs

Osprey's travel line displayed in front of the Osprey Airways fuselage.  

Tyler Lee super comfortable in the #TanVan.

Jeremy Collin's book "Drawn: The Art of Ascent"

Serving up whiskey sours in the new Stanley Happy Hour System - Also, check the Stein. 

Using Natural Essential Oils, the PARA'KITO™ refillable band is an innovative new mosquito repellent.



 “The truth of a thing is the feel of it, not the think of it.” – Stanley Kubrick

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