Derek DeBruin - Bear House Mountain Guiding

Derek DeBruin of Bear House Mountain Guiding setting a Top Rope for clients.

When returning to the rock, it's best to use a mountain guide - preferably one with actual credentials, experience, and a sense of humor. Derek DeBruin of Bear House Mountain Guiding in Ogden, Utah, has just that, plus a pocket full of fun Laffy-Taffy quality puns to keep you entertained. Which really, is all that matters.

When is it time to move from the gym to the crag? What grade do I need to climb before I send a lead? How dangerous is alpine climbing, really? What if I don't want to look like a total nerd at the crag with all this safety stuff? My brother's friend's cousin's Uncle Jimmy taught climbing  as a Scout Master for year's; I'll just save money and learn to climb from him. What's wrong with that? 

All important questions. Derek adresses the above inquiries and also tells us about "close calls" in the mountains and why they happen, his thoughts on the recent Exum guide death, and his dream alpine objective. 

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