Jeff Shapiro - Professional Hang Glider Pilot & Wing Suit Flyer

Left to right: R. Brandon Long - OOA Show Host, Jeff Shapiro - KAVU Athlete, Todd to the Top - OOA Show Co-Host

Jeff Shapiro began flying in 1993 and is now a popular Dad during his daughter's school career day. As a world class hang glider pilot, BASE jumper and wing suit flyer, KAVU athlete and family man, Shapiro, followed his own advice of doing whatever calls you - "whatever you're psyched on, whatever the thing is that inspires you when you wake up, go do that."

Shapiro mentioned an interview he heard with Sam Harris who said, “If you’re doing anything other than seeking happiness from the time you’re born to the time you die, your wasting your life.” Shapiro embraces this philosophy with his outdoor adventure life and family. Shapiro is an elite level rock climber and to keep in shape, runs ultra trail marathons. 

Shapiro also survived 30 days on The Wizard's Eye with fellow KAVU athlete and friend, Tyler Bradt

Finally, Shapiro offers this advice on health, "We should be trying to fit our work related lives into our ability to stay healthy." 

Thanks again to KAVU for opening up their booth to the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show, and to GOAL ZERO for powering OOA. Cheers and Beers! #ogdenadventure

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