Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show 227 - Waterfall Canyon

Waterfall Canyon, an Ogden classic, was the destination for this week's Trailhead Series podcast of the Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show. Loved hiking this popular trail in winter - beautiful payoff at the top. This episode includes an events roundup, adventure news,  "Vandance" or Sundance in a van including Todd to the Top's Blair Witch trip down scary lane, our Waterfall Canyon snowshoe trip report, and more.

We managed to finally rock our GoPro 3+ and video the show. Once one of us figures out how to upload it to YouTube, you'll be able to finally WATCH the podcast. We're darn-tootin' excited about that.  

Cheers and Beers!  


Weber County Outdoors Meetup

 TRIP REPORT –  Waterfall Canyon Winter Snowshoe (podcast only)


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As John Muir would say, "The mountains are calling and we must go..."

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